University Medical Center Utrecht
Robbert van Hamersvelt University Medical Center Utrecht

PhD Candidate


Robbert is a medical doctor working on high-dimensional cardiac CT imaging, together with Philips.


S. Bruns, J.M. Wolterink, R.A.P. Takx, R.W. van Hamersvelt, D. Suchá, M.A. Viergever, T. Leiner, I. Išgum

Deep learning from dual-energy information for whole-heart segmentation in dual-energy and single-energy non-contrast-enhanced cardiac CT Journal Article

Medical Physics (in press), 2020.

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R.W. van Hamersvelt, I. Išgum, P.A. de Jong, M.J. Cramer, G.E. Leenders, M.J. Willemink, M. Voskuil, T. Leiner

Application of speCtraL computed tomogrAphy to impRove specIficity of cardiac compuTed tomographY (CLARITY study): Rationale and Design Journal Article

BMJ Open, 9 (3), pp. e025793, 2019.

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S. Bruns, J.M. Wolterink, R.W. van Hamersvelt, M. Zreik, T. Leiner, I. Išgum

Improving myocardium segmentation in cardiac CT angiography using spectral information Inproceedings

SPIE Medical Imaging, 2019.

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R.W. van Hamersvelt

New dimensions in cardiovascular CT PhD Thesis

Utrecht University, The Netherlands, 2019, ISBN: 978-90-393-7092-6.



S. Bruns, J.M. Wolterink, R.W. van Hamersvelt, T. Leiner, I. Išgum

CNN-based segmentation of the cardiac chambers and great vessels in non-contrast-enhanced cardiac CT Conference

Medical Imaging with Deep Learning. MIDL London, 2019.

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