Eindhoven University of Technology
Prof.dr. Josien Pluim Eindhoven University of Technology j.pluim@tue.nl

E-mail: j.pluim@tue.nl
Phone: +31 40 24 78853

Josien Pluim is full professor of Medical Imaging at the department of Biomedical Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology, where she heads the research group Medical Image Analysis (IMAG/e). She is also a part-time professor of Medical Image Analysis at Utrecht University, affiliated with the Image Sciences Institute, an interdisciplinary research institute at the University Medical Center Utrecht. Her field of interest is medical image analysis in a broad sense, although her focus is on image registration, digital pathology and image analysis for oncology. Both the theoretical side of method development and the applied side of working on medical problems appeal to her.


Full list of publications is available here