Amsterdam UMC
Dr. Bob de Vos Amsterdam UMC

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Bob is working on high-dimensional cardiac MRI images together with Pie Medical Imaging.


B.D. de Vos, B.H.M. van der Velden, J. Sander, K.G.A. Gilhuijs, M. Staring, I. Išgum

Mutual information for unsupervised deep learning image registration Inproceedings

SPIE Medical Imaging, in press, 2020.

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J. Sander, B.D. de Vos, J.M. Wolterink, I. Išgum

Towards increased trustworthiness of deep learning segmentation methods on cardiac MRI Inproceedings

SPIE Medical Imaging, 2019.

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Julia M.H. Noothout, Bob D. de Vos, Jelmer M. Wolterink, Richard A.P. Takx, Tim Leiner, Ivana Išgum

Deep Learning for Automatic Landmark Localization in CTA for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation Conference

Radiological Society of North America, 105th Annual Meeting, 2019.

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